The Gift Of Love

A Project by ANSARA Seremban’s 79 intake

Seberat mana mata kita memandang, berat lagi bahu kecil memikul… So goes the call of the ANSARA Seremban all-girls Batch  of 79s, the Sban79s.

The holy month of Ramadan brings out the best in us. Sban79 did their part to brighten up the gloom of a number of children in the Paediatric Cancer Wards of Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) and Pusat Purbatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM).

Sban79 made out a call for contributions from the alumni of Sban79 to fund their Gift of Love project. They had carried out the project previously, but not on such an ambitious scale as attempted this year. Contributions were also solicited from the general ANSARA Seremban alumni, along with families and friends.

Sban79 managed to collect almost RM12,000 this Ramadan, surpassing their target of RM10,500. The plan was to buy gifts for 70 children of the HKL and PPUM Paediatric Cancer Wards.

They’d prepared hampers for distribution to the children in the Paediatric Cancer Wards, consisting of sweets, cookies and other food. with the highlight being the packet of “Duit Raya” of RM100 each. There’s no child whose spirit wouldn’t be lifted by a packet of “Duit Raya” and the hope that the cash contribution will help lessen at least some of the financial burden of the families, even if it was not much.

The total amount spent was RM RM10,987.75 in preparing the gift hampers inclusive of the Duit Raya. The gift hampers were delivered and presented to the children and their families at PPUM Paediatric Cancer Ward  on 13 August 2012 involving a total of  30 children and at the HKL Paediatric Cancer Ward on 14 August 2012, benefiting 40 children. We hope the Gift of Love project will bring some cheer to the patients and their families.

“We continue to hope and pray that the children will fare well and regain their health quickly.  InsyaAllah, we will again organise another round of Gift of Love, and to extend to a wider number of recipients, and make this a regular event”, that is the wish of the Sisters of Sban79.

The 79ers also made a contribution to the Rohingya Muslims. A total of RM3,240 was given through the Rohingya Ulama Council of Malaysia, to be used for the purchase of tents for needy families.

The 79ers wish to thank and extend their extreme gratitude to all the sponsors, in particular the brothers and sisters of ANSARA Seremban; friends and family.  Many of the donations were made anonymously, but generously. Their generosity helped the 79ers bring joy and happiness, bringing some relief to the children in the children in the Paediatric Cancer Wards of HKL and PPUM, as well as their families.

Editor’s Note : We laud the noble efforts undertaken by the 79ers. Their efforts truly were a GIFT OF LOVE. We hope that more ANSARA Seremban members can participate in future GIFTS OF LOVE, a project by the 79ers.

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Alumni MRSM Seremban MRSM Seremban ditubuhkan tahun 1972. Ansara Seremban mempunyai 1800 ahli. Kini bernaung di bawah ANSARA dan bergerak sebagai cabang dikenali dengan ANSARA Seremban.

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