Staff MRSM Seremban

mrsm teachers at a college function

MRSM Seremban Principal En. Jamaluddin Abd. Hamid and his teachers at a students’ function at the Main Hall

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to meet many teachers and support staff at MRSM Seremban. Some stayed for a short time, promotions brought them to pastures anew.

Among the pioneers teachers, many left MRSM Seremban for other assignments, often with promotions. En. Mohamad Tajuddin bin Shamsudin (Allahyarham), who we all called Pak Din, was among the first to leave us, to become the principal of MRSM Pengkalan Chepa (everyone calls it MRSM Kota Bharu) in 1973. En. Ramli Ismail was designated as the Principal of MRSM Kuantan in 1974. Of the earlier groups of teachers, many were promoted as Principals or Vice Principals in many of the MRSMs sprouting all over the nation, or transferred to MARA HQ to man the Bahagian Pelajaran Menengah MARA that oversees and manages the many MRSMs established.

There must be hundreds of teachers who have graced their presence at MRSM Seremban, guiding us and nurturing us into the persons we are now. Those formative years were a big influence in our character building. For their efforts, no amount of thanks or gratitude could ever repay their deeds. In fact, I believe many of us had wished we have shown more of our gratitude to our teachers, who were in fact, our surrogate parents during our college days.

Alas, some of our teachers, and other staff at MRSM Seremban are no longer with us, having passed on. Our prayers and thoughts are with them.

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