Supporting Cast

And the supporting cast consisted of…

Pejabat Pentadbiran

En.       Mohamad Salleh bin Mat, Pegawai Tadbir

En.       Ramli bin Yunus, Kerani

En.       Shamsul Kamar bin Abdul Rahman, Kerani

Puan    Jamilah binti Jani, Jurutaip

Cik       Pipah binti Harun, Jurutaip

Cik       Salamah binti Ismail, Jurutaip

En.       Ishak bin Shariff, Pelayan Pejabat

The Science Labs

En.       Khaidir bin Dolmat, Pembantu Makmal

2 Responses to Supporting Cast


    Salam. I met Abang Khaidir in an eatery shop in Taman Paroi Jaya, Seremban. He still looks the same, somewhat older, and I honestly believe that he was going to hug me (his wife was around!) when I called him ‘Abang Khaidir’ and reminded him that I was MRSM S’ban Batch 73 student…

    • zuwailiah jamaludin says:

      Nora!!!! salam. we’ve been looking for you…Our batch is compiling database for our coming 40th anniversary and we need ctc & details of our members. my hp is 0197115400 or fb under my name zuwailiah. hope to hear from u soon.

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