Career Curious is in Demand!

Career Curious 2016_MRSM Pasir Salak & Pengkalan HuluWe have endeavoured to produce career exploration and awareness materials that are future-oriented and empowering to all students.  We have emphasized the importance of planning and decision-making, believing these skills will serve students not only in realizing their post-secondary school goals and subsequent career translations, but also in other areas of their lives.

Career Curious will help Form 4 and Form 5 MRSM students discover their career interests and explore occupations of their interest areas and to guide them in exploring the world of work and gain confidence in making career decisions.

Thus, we have been invited to two MRSMs this year!

Brothers and Sisters, check your schedule, mark your diary and say yes to Sis Aziah Yunus, 013-356 6561 or Sis Shikin Ali, 012-267 2512.

Let’s do it together!


About ansaraseremban
Alumni MRSM Seremban MRSM Seremban ditubuhkan tahun 1972. Ansara Seremban mempunyai 1800 ahli. Kini bernaung di bawah ANSARA dan bergerak sebagai cabang dikenali dengan ANSARA Seremban.

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