Prez Speaks

Sdr. Zainal Hisham Yusof (Batch 72)

 An Alumnus is a graduate of a school, college, or university. The Alumni is a collection of such graduates from a school, college, or university. As we are graduates of Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Seremban.

MRSM Seremban resides in a special place in our hearts. With so many sweet and bitter memories. “Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pula tempat bermain”. How true the Malay proverb goes. What memories we have of the place.

But time passes and we have edged on in years. Busy trying to find a place in the world. We still meet amongst friends. There have been gatherings aplenty. One batch had their BIG 50 celebration in Menara KL. Another batch had their BIG 50 gathering in Langkawi. But these meetings were batch specific. In between batches, interaction needs to be enhanced.

In the years past, ANSARA Seremban has not been without its own problems. Failure to comply with the Registrar of Societies requirements led to ANSARA Seremban being delisted. And such, ANSARA Seremban is currently a chapter of ANSARA, the collective grouping of alumni of the various MRSMs.

I wish for a strong alumni, one that fosters a strong bond between us, irrespective of the bacthes.  Brotherhood does quite describe that bond between us, no. I’m looking to rekindle this once strong bonds of silahturahim between us. For this, I have met with the various batches of MRSM Seremban alumni, all 10 groups, during what I called the roadshow. It was more of a makan show, as we met at various eateries. During these engagements, I sensed a spirit of wanting to do more by each of the groups.

I cannot emphasise with any more gravity the importance of use going beyond our “intra batch” mentality amongst our 1800 members. Yes, we acknowledge that the bonds forged in steel between members of a particular batch in dear in everyone’s heart and soul. I feel a strong bond to members of Batch 72. It’s only natural, only human. And we are humans.

But we need to look beyond our own batch, and reach out to forge that same strong bond, if it is possible, with ANSARA Seremban members from the other batches. The ANSARA Seremban EXCO realised that we need to work harder to persuade, cajole batches to come out and work as a team. Having said that, i see positives as well as a result of our recent activities.

 The recent ‘Feeding the Homeless project by the ladies of Batch 80, the Iftar at the orphanage by Batch 81 and our own recent Iftar/Terawih at Bukit Jalil may have had positive impact among the batches. It livens the heart to see Dr. Salim Abd.Talib at a table being the center of attention of a group of brothers including Bol, Aris, Zainisaari, Azmi Hajar, Ahmad Suhaimi and myself reminiscing our times at MRSM Seremban. There was no barrier, visible or not, coming between us. We felt FAMILY.

iftar ansara seremban 2012I hope to continuously engage with the various representatives of the various ANSARA Seremban batches, to further buy in this need to bridge the perceived gaps between our batches. I hope these engagements can lead to better integration between the batches and I hope to discuss ways where we can forge stronger teamwork between us.

I see this as the start of another journey for us, one of reconciliation between the batches, and from it, the emergence of a new alumni. One that exists not as a loose grouping of individual batches, but of one that can be identified by one and all alumni.

For this I need your support, but I am sure that the support will be forthcoming, InsyaAllah.

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