MRSM : The Beginning

After 40 years, the real story of the beginnings of MRSM is lost with the passing of years. As part of their own BIG 50 celebrations three years back, the MRSM Seremban Batch ’72 traced several people privy to the early history of MRSM, the conception and the eventual realisation of the first three MRSMs, namely MRSM Seremban, MRSM Pengkalan Chepa and MRSM Kuantan.

Here’s an edited video produced by the ANSARA Seremban ‘72s. It’s a worthy viewing, giving an insight to the early days in the realisation of the MRSM story. And MRSM Seremban took its place in history as the first of these.

The MRSM Seremban may be no more… evolution of the educational programs hosted by MARA has seen it transformed to Kolej MARA Seremban,but the spirit lives on. Enjoy the video. It is a gem, too good not to be shared.

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