Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Seremban was founded in 1972. The first intake of around 120 young boys was in the first week of February 1972. They were joined by a contingent of young boys from Sabah and Sarawak a few weeks later.

MRSM Seremban was a bold experiment in the field of education. There was no text books to be used, students were encouraged to learn by discovery. They were urged to observed, note and learn.  The students were guided by the youngest College Principal in the nation, and his band of 10 pioneering teachers. The Homeroom became central to the learning and social activities.

An old Government 2 storey wooden bungalow served as the library and dining hall. Another 2 storey wooden bungalow served as the Science labs. History, English, Geography and Maths classes were convened in one of the 3 chalets. We didn’t have fixed classrooms, we floated to the next classes situated around our modest college campus. It was our early induction to time management.

We have a young Librarian who was ever willing to fill the young minds with knowledge. Some wanted books on Chess, and these were provided. One particular student wanted the Janes All The World’s Aircraft, and soon enough a copy of this (expensive) book was made available. There were LIFE TIMES books, the complete set, which opened the world to our young minds. And there was the “FACTS OF LIFE”

We wore no uniforms. There was a dress code, but it was, to all sense and purposes, very generous. No singlets were allowed. A brother tried to get around this by wearing a denim jacket over his singlet. We had long hair. (Looking back at old photographs, one wonders how we got away with it).

Girls were among the 1973 intake.. This was again a novel item as residential schools were then all boys or all girls. The girls were housed in Hostel “D” a three storey building. The ground floor was used as the library. Many a child were introduced to Peter Benchley’s “Jaws”. There was an counter culture though, with novelettes ominously titled “Warped”. We sucked it in, it being part of our education.

And of traditions being kept. As with “Rosli”s being name Jenk®. Each batch have their stories and memories, and it is these memories that bind forever a group of strangers into a group of friends and brothers.

Oh yes, like family members, we cannot choose who our batch mates are, they are as they are. But it is that variety that make us unique.. even among other MRSMers.

For we, the Alumni of MRSM Seremban are members of an extinct species. There in no MRSM Seremban to speak of, and no more alumni to join our rank. Our number dwindle with passing years.

This should inspire us to close ranks and become stronger, rid ourselves of petty differences to be one. With this unity comes strength, and with this strength, we can give back what is owed to society. A single man is but one, but a group giveth strength, and with strength in numbers, we can move mountains.


ANSARA Seremban..

3 Responses to About

  1. Masuri says:

    Ayam masa tu kurussss aja. he he

  2. Hamidon says:

    you guys looked so cute and innocent…

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