The Languages


This List Is Not Exhaustive.
If you know of any teachers who should be included in this list,
the need to rectify any mistakes, please contact the Editor
at with the
relevant information for inclusion in this list



Hj. Shafie bin Teh

En. Omar bin Johar

Cik Nor Akmar Yusoff

Puan Zawiah bt. Hassan

Cik Zaleha bt. Hassan

En. Abdul Halim bin Ariffin

En. Ahmad Mokhtar

En. Muhammad Nor bin Hussin 

Puan Junaidah bt Yahya

Mr Khoo Kiok Boon Mrs. Catherine Helena Chu
nee Yap
Ms Tan Ah Eng
Puan Rahmah Sahamid
Ms. Doreen Yap Mrs Mary Shanti Dairiam
Mr. Cheah Kim Foh
Rest in Peace, Sir.
Cik Azizah
Dorothy Ng Lee Ling

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