MHI Segment on Malaysia Hari Ini, 7 Nov 2012

Malaysia Hari Ini, on the 7th November 2012, included a segment on ANSARA Seremban. Among others, it featured our FEED THE HOMELESS program by Batch 80, a look back at our college premises, and live interviews with Dato’ Dr. Lokman Saim and Sdr. Zainal Hisham Yusof.
Here’s the link on youtube.

About ansaraseremban
Alumni MRSM Seremban MRSM Seremban ditubuhkan tahun 1972. Ansara Seremban mempunyai 1800 ahli. Kini bernaung di bawah ANSARA dan bergerak sebagai cabang dikenali dengan ANSARA Seremban.

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