Yatie Rashid & Batch 73’s “CELEBRATING THE ORPHANS”

By Noor Hayati Abdul Rashid

Lifeskills Spa had a second “celebrating the orphans” event  during the recent Ramadhan whereby  orphans from Rumah Anak Yatim dan Asnaf As-Solihin Kanchong Darat, Banting were invited for this session.

among those celebrated

The organizing committee felt they wanted to do more than just providing “buka puasa” feasts,  hence arrangements were made for the guests to come in early for other activities, as  the program began around 2.30 pm as scheduled.

Immediately after the welcoming speech, they were given a first aid talk by Matron Inon,  currently working  with University Hospital as a Matron.  Mangoes and oranges were sliced and used to demonstrate cuts and bruises, and the appropriate actions to treat the cuts. A First Aid Kit was also given to the Orphanage for their own use,  a gift for this occasion.

After Asar, the participants were divided into two groups.  Those aged nine and below were assigned to Atan  (Khairuddin Dolmat), who volunteered to do some story-telling to the young ones.  He captivated his audience with his colourful stories of Prophet Moses, and even sang songs while strumming his guitar.

among the games played

The elder ones were divided into three groups, whereby they all took turns to participate in  games that involve team work and cooperation, problem solving, leadership skills and creativity.  They had a go at the pizza station at Lifeskills Spa kitchen, where they baked pizzas and put  their own toppings, do origami by the pool station and be creative and cooperative to fill up a pail with water by soaking up sponges.

Atan's Maghrib call

After the breaking of fast and solat Tarawih, the guests were also given a short “tazkirah” by the usual imam of Lifeskills Spa, known as Ustaz Anas.  Ustaz Anas who was also an orphan could relate well to the plight of the children and gave a good and relevant motivation talk.

Of course, the night was filled with entertainment from our guests, with Nasyid performances.  The session ended after price giving ceremony and a donation of RM500 for the Orphanage.  Well done to the orphans who were able to follow the tight schedule to ensure their time is optimized.

my name is haikal

The event also brought back a few of ANSARIANs who managed to catch up with each other, this time from other batches as well.  Thanks to the promotion given by ANSARA Seremban team, more people outside 73-77 team donated for this event.

It is hoped that the goodwill spirit shown in the blessed month of Ramadan will overflow in the months to come, not just for the orphans but for the less fortunate.

in the groove

Last but not least the organizing committee hoped that the orphans had a good time and if they went home feeling happy and celebrated,  then the wishes of those who contributed  were well served.

Editor’s Comment :

We at ANSARA Seremban hope these noble efforts, as other social programs, ongoing or otherwise undertaken by all segments of the ANSARA Seremban community,  to continue in the coming years, with participation, in kind and in cash (always welcomed) from the whole spectrum of our community.

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