By Zainal Hisham Yusof

For the serious photographers out there, I use all of these over the years and with practice came familiarity. These have helped me find visual motifs when composing an image.

Check out these gems at WisdomTap. As Pankaj Kaushal states on his blog, “There are no rules in photography, only limitations — you need to work around the limitations to make the best presentation possible. You can compose pictures that appear aesthetically appealing by remembering a few simple “rules”. These are by no means rules of photography and should not be thought of as such, I like to think of them as cheat codes. Ansel Adams said, “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” I believe that.” 

And so do I.

If none of these rules mentioned apply, then you know the scene you’re looking at is probably devoid of any attractive content or perspective. Maybe it is interesting to you but definitely not pleasing to others. This would be categorised as casual snapshots but aesthetics tu tak daklah.

The trick is how to turn snapshots into great shots! I have in my little notebook a list of rules of thumb from over the years! I look into them from time to time to remind myself.

 A rural scene in Perak.

A rural scene in Perak. (I’ve always liked this one – Ed.)

Ed. – I’m wont for these rules of photography. I’m more of the “Shoot and HOPE for the best” school when it comes to photography. In the days of RM10.00 per 24 exposure Kodak films, I was careful to compose my shots. But with the advent of digital photography and the 32GB memory cards, I now shoot and scoot. Afterwards it review time and thrashing those “gambar tak jadi”.

But SENI is learned (in most cases) and there are many SENI gifted photographers amongst the MRSM Seremban Photography faithful. We’ve added a category called ANSARA Seremban Photography, where you can display your favourite photos. Email those photos to, giving consent for us to publish the photos. We will credit your work, and the copyright will remain yours. We just love to see good photos.

About ansaraseremban
Alumni MRSM Seremban MRSM Seremban ditubuhkan tahun 1972. Ansara Seremban mempunyai 1800 ahli. Kini bernaung di bawah ANSARA dan bergerak sebagai cabang dikenali dengan ANSARA Seremban.

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